How effective are nicotine substitutes?

How effective are nicotine substitutes? Treating tobacco withdrawal with patch is effective and safe method, whose health benefits are recognized. Be applied each day on the arm or buttocks, patches are the easiest to use. Nicotine can be inhaled or consumed orally as tablets, jellies, lozenges, chewing gum, at your choice. Everything is to use the nicotine dose to cover the total absence. These substitutes make, in fact, the amount of nicotine necessary to fight the desire for smoking, avoiding withdrawal symptoms – syndrome nicotine. Reducing the dose gradually over several months, we can easily weaning body.


On 5 November 2003, in France cardiovascular contraindications for nicotine patches were high. This decision of the Ministry of Health in France confirm tolerance of nicotine patches and makes possible their use by people including cardiac, diabetic or suffering from hyperthyroidism. This lifting of the prohibitions is the recognition by public bodies, a fact already established by health professionals. In the midst of this difficult period, it is clear that the patient has a vital need for support and comfort from the entourage and the doctor or specialist.

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How effective are nicotine substitutes?  Nicotine substitutes is an effective aid in giving up tobacco, provided that basic principle, that desire, to have been acquired. In fact, it is unthinkable and totally absurd to tell a smoker ‘and you give them yourself! “, As it would be easy to behave like a brave soldier before a battle begins or with an imaginary opponent but quit smoking is not an easy thing to do. We cannot deny it, we cannot minimize it. As we use more help, the more we try the more we have more chances of success, that’s why even doctors recommend early withdrawal patches (one or two depending on the degree of nicotine dependence) and an oral form (tablets, inhaled nicotine ). It is very soothing to someone who did not quit smoking and never experienced this, and you must know that there is an immediate response in case of stress (family or professional disputes, etc…) Or strong crisis triggered by the lack of tobacco.

Bupropion hydrochloride, Zyban psychoactive molecule by the action of dopamine reuptake inhibitor to, is equally a very effective aid in smoking cessation but also in weight control. But unlike other nicotine substitutes, this molecule (tablet form) has contraindications that must be followed, so that is not sold without prescription. The doctor must therefore check whether the patient or can safely use this medication.

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