How to successfully remove smoking habit!

How to successfully remove smoking habit! All smokers must find methods in order to easy quit smoking, even you, with all the silly reasons that made you begin to smoke – often under pressure from peers or when we are in society – but they felt that became dependent, why continue?
There are particular causes why people smoke. But no one actually knows why smokers smoke. If smokers knew the real reason, would not smoke. I put this question to thousands of smokers in the consultations. The real answer is valid for all but the variety of responses that we received is infinite. This time of the consultations I think the funniest and also the saddest.

All smokers know the depths of their souls that they are fools. They hate the fact that they smoke, but in the same time some of them consider smoking a relaxing activity that bring them joy. They say that smoking make them feel good, or make them feel better when they are stressed. You realize that this is only based on the way people think. So if you get to stop these psychological thoughts of addiction it will be easier for you to stop smoking. Smokers know that they wanted to smoke before they become dependent. Most remember that many terrible taste of cigarettes and how they had first tried to become dependent. The most annoying is that they realize that smokers lose nothing and that the expense amuses them.

However, smokers are rational and intelligent human beings. I know that in terms of health, huge risk and I know that throughout life, spend a fortune. Therefore need a rational explanation as to justify the habit.

The real reason why smokers continue to smoke is a subtle combination of factors which I will detail in other articles. Factors are called:
1. Addiction to nicotine.

2. Brainwashing.
So there are two kinds of factors: psychological and physiological. Physiological factors that make you continue smoking is nicotine addiction. For nicotine addiction there are some quit smoking treatments that actually work. You can read about best quit smoking treatment products on our site.
For psychological smoking factors, meaning brainwashing, there are also solutions but they are not easy to implement. Because first you brainwash yourself, secondly your friends or acquaintances, and also media some times.
Nicotine makes you dependent and nicotine addiction can be removed. But the psychological factors are not so easy to remove, because in the first place you feel joy when smoking. Your brain does not want to lose this feeling.

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