Proven Ways to Resist the Urge to Smoke

Proven Ways to Resist the Urge to SmokeDuring the national day against smoking, experts in medical profession say something like: “In this day, every smoker tries to quit smoking!”But every smoker knows that in this day most smokers will smoke twice as much, even ostentatiously, because smokers do not like being told what to do, especially by some individuals who consider them morons and cannot understand why people are smoking.

Young people do not need to look at television to see horrors effects of smoking. However, smokers tend to be away from such television programs.

Doing a list with disadvantages of smoking and saying: <If I could survive long enough without cigarettes, the desire to smoke will disappear eventually and then I will enjoy life and, free from the bondage of the nicotine > won’t help.
That would be the logical way – and every day thousands of smokers try to quit smoking using variation on this theme. However, it is very difficult to succeed with such a method.

The real problem is to stop smoking. Every time after you smoke a cigarette, you say to yourself that you will quit and that that cigarette is the last one you will ever smoke. It is possible that the day # 1 you’ll have confidence and resist against the temptation of smoking.
You tell yourself “I do not want to smoke. »  All smokers have at least one reason to quit smoking and sometimes every day of their life the reasons are more serious than you can do you imagine. But the truth is if you do not really want to quit smoking you will not take the treatment, or you will tell yourself in the day number #1 that you won’t smoke, but the second day you will feel the temptation and it will be very hard for you to resist.

The real problem when you quit smoking  is day # 2, or #3, when, in a moment of weakness or strength of enthusiasm, smoke a cigarette and say that it will be the only one: and that smoking is, in part , addiction to the drug, you want another one – and, suddenly, you become smoker again.

So if you have problems to quit smoking, follow these simple tips:

  1. Remind yourself why you quit
  2. Reward yourself each times a week passes and you didn’t smoke
  3. Be prepared for your urges, which can be certain feelings, people, or places
  4. Call someone who can support you if you feel you cannot stop the temptation
  5. Distract yourself from the thought of smoking by doing something: call someone, send an email, clean the room, etc.
  6. Drink water every time you feel the need to smoke.

Hope this make it easier for you to resist temptation.  There are also a few quit smoking treatments that actually work and you can always try one of them.

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